Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crabapple and Cake

Finally I can show off the completed Crabapple quilt! It was very hard (impossible) to get the whole quilt in a single photo; I hung it on the washing line, and had to stand in a hedge to get most of it in. Any further back and I would have gone through the fence. But hopefully you get an idea of what it looks like!

Top 2/3 of the quilt:

Close up of centre block to show off the quilting:
Couch-drape photo to fit in whole quilt:

While I was finishing off the binding yesterday, my Mum and I baked a lovely boiled fruit cake; very easy, and very tasty, so if anyone wants the recipe let me know!
Lastly, today is Melbourne Cup Day, which means a public holiday for most people (not me unfortunately). We had a sweep at work, and my horse won! Mostly makes up for having to work while the rest of the state is having a day off...


Wisdom.Courage.Love said...

Love It, Love It... Won't be satisfied until I do one myself!!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Congrats on finishing the quilt. Don't you love that accomplished feesling? BTW hope you're feeling better now.

mellyandrosie said...

Love the quilt!! The combination of fabrics is yummo!