Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bumper Harvest

Despite the crazy weather here (hot days, wet nights), the vegie garden seems to be doing well. After almost pulling the cauliflower out in disgust just over a week ago, they finally started to produce heads, and I picked the first one yesterday. Very pleased!

I also picked a huge batch of broadbeans this morning, though I don't have a pre-podding photo as it seems to have disappeared somewhere between the lens and the memory card....very odd indeed! The podded product will have to do, but trust me that they were lovely big green pods, and filled a huge colander.

I'm in the midst of another 5 day weekend (yay for Melbourne Cup Day), but I only just got into a bit of quilt stuff yesterday...cutting 320 2-1/2 inch squares which today I've cut in half (on the angle) to start piecing Mini Wild Thing. Thats 640 pieces!

It's been a slow start, but the first few blocks are coming along...just 72 to go!


Carol said...

What a beautiful head of cauliflower. We sure don't see them like that in the grocery store. Your Wild Thing is wonderful.

Liz said...

What beautiful produce! Our garden was pretty pitiful this past summer, too much rain here.

Alicia said...

We had a weird weathered summer here too, in Oklahoma, USA. Of course our summer was back in July while y'all were cold and maybe snowy. Fascinating to get to see pics halfway around the world! It is a "lovely" cauliflower. I'm not sure about broadbeans, is that like our Lima beans?