Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Feast

I've escaped the city this Easter, as is tradition for my mum and I. While it's a lot cooler here at night than at home, the days have been beautiful (though still requiring a jumper). Even the later afternoon on Thursday as we were heading away looked magnificent, and morphed into a beautiful sunset.

Today we checked out the Easter Market, then made our way to Brown Brother's for their Easter Festival lunch. It was amazing! We started out with some fresh breads before embarking on a four course feast. Each course came with a matched wine, making for a very yummy lunch.

I forgot to take a photo of the appetizer, but it consisted of oysters, melon and some veal "cigars".

The entree followed with tempura zucchini, fresh pate, heirloom beetroot with goat's curd, and blood pudding (which I won't eat) with chickpeas.

Then the main; I chose the gnocchi with pear, walnuts and blue cheese, while my Mum went for duck with quince.

Last up, I had a chocolate mousse with poached pear for dessert while my Mum had an apple tart.

Dinner tonight is just a few light nibbles; I couldn't possibly eat much after all that food.


Marg said...

The lunch sounds fabulous. Hope you have a lovely Easter.

a good yarn said...

It all looks delicious! What a delightful way to spend the Easter weekend. Enjoy!