Friday, March 28, 2014

A Fresh Daydream

So, with several hundred 5" squares cut out, I've started assembling the first blocks. I've been eyeing off this quilt for ages, from Camille's Simply Retro.

Called Fresh, it's a large 96" square. 

 Each block is made up of four smaller blocks of nine squares each; some very simple HSTs.

When the four blocks are assembled it will look something like this:

My plan is to make all the sub-blocks then shuffle until I'm happy with the balance of colour in each block.


Lynda said...

Looks great Kate - this one is also on my never-ending list.

Kate D. Spain said...

Oh my goodness! Can't wait to see this when it's done!! Love the block you've shown!

Robyn of Oz said...

Love your colour scheme Kate. I can't wait for your finished top. :)

5Bent Needles said...

Gorgeous fabrics, and did I see the famous designer left a comment above mine!
Looking forward to seeing this one finished - very pretty

a good yarn said...

That's a clever pattern. Looking forward to seeing the top.