Sunday, August 17, 2014

Daydream Quilting

I've been dreading this for a while; I've never quilted such a large quilt, and it's a big job for a domestic machine. Getting backing and batting big enough were also a challenge.

Backing is a print from Ikea. Frogs ans birds rather than the usual number print. I added a strip to the batting to get it wide enough.

It's now in the machine; one block down, 15 to go!


Karen M said...

Pretty backing. I wish I had an IKEA near me. I really admire their fabrics that I see other quilters use for backings. Thanks for sharing on your blog.

Susan Snooks said...

That must be a big quilt if you needed to join batting! Good luck with the quilting- it seems like a daunting task!

Robyn of Oz said...

Wow Kate, it must be a monster! I did a cot quilt for my granddaughter and joined the batting, as I went through the stash. During quilting, the joining tape separated and there is now a small gap that I can feel. I am not going to unpick it because I fear I will put holes in it. :(
I think you are very brave to take it on for yourself.
Big quilts like that are either ditched and hand quilted, or off to the expert. I think it is worth the expense. :)

Marg said...

Geez it must be huge. I've joined batting before but not because the quilt was so big, just to use up some smaller pieces and not let them go to waste. Good luck with the quilting.