Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stash Building

I'm generally not much of a stash-builder; I prefer to shop for specific projects. The added advantage is a reduction in the amount of fabric taking up space in the lounge room (yep, thats where it lives), and it's kinder to my bank account.

Lately I've had a bit of a blip, and started buying any bit of fabric that takes my fancy. It all started with the quilt show, and those lovely fat quarters. And yesterday I found a fantastic quilt shop right near I'm in trouble! It's called "GJ's Discount Fabrics", and mostly stocks fabric for clothes etc, but upstairs they have an entire room full of quilting fabrics. Right inside the door was the entire range of "Sweet"...I had to stand there and admire them for a while before I could continue around the room.

It's often hard to find a shop here in Australia that stocks a good range of Moda, but this is one of the few. Plus, lots of other cute/modern of course I came home with a bundle of goodies. A piece of Kokka fabric, with butterflies and lady birds; another butterfly piece, Wonderland by MoMo for Moda. A Heather Bailey piece, and finally Prints Charming!
While I was waiting for the fabric to be cut, I discovered the end-of-bolt bin...and a lovely piece also by Heather Bailey.

While the quilt fabrics weren't really discounted, the prices were reasonable, and they did have a whole table of $2 fat quarters. I wouldn't buy jelly rolls there though, way too pricey, but thats pretty normal for Australia.
I've already used most of the Wonderland piece; I needed a new cushion for my bed, and I'm absolutely obsessed with butterflies, so it suits me perfectly.

Now just to work out what to do with the rest of them!


Violet said...

Yesss, a (Moda) fabricshop near your workplace (drool)... now you are in trouble, LOL.
It's healthy to take a walk at lunchtime, isn't it?

Lovely, lovely cushion!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

There are so many lovely scrap quilt patterns available on the net lately. Perhaps one might appeal to you and you could use your fat quarters/pieces. Checkout the Moda Bakeshop site ~ lots of great ideas!

Teresa said...

LOVE that butterfly fabric too.

Bec said...

Love the Wonderland butterfly fabric. What did you do with the rest of the Wonderland fabric or did I miss it?
Bec xxx

Christine said...

I love the butterfly fabric too. Will have to check out that shop next time I come to Melbourne.