Sunday, April 5, 2009

Slow and Steady

It's been a week since my last post....but I have been busy, I promise! But first, thank you to everyone who left lovely comments regarding my graduation. It was a long process, and I'm glad it is finally official.

First, some good news. My lovely friend Christine had her baby on Friday, a little boy called Noah. I havent seen him yet, but I'm sure he is gorgeous. I'll be catching up with them once they are all settled at home, and delivering the sheep quilt.

I've been working away at 4OT; I've finished the 9 centre blocks, and have been doing most of the free-motion quilting on all the outer blocks. This is one of the completed centre blocks:

I've also been making a pile more bibs, and I had a go at a soft cube toy with a bell in the middle. I'm going to see baby Sophie in a little over a week, so this will make up a lovely parcel of goodies to take, along with the quilt I made a few months back.

And...I've been doing a bit of shopping! The weather is finally getting too cold/wet for sandals, so I've had to bite the bullet and buy myself some sneakers. I settled on a pair of converse...and also got myself a bit of a bargain. I found a shop selling Terence Conran bakeware at a fraction of the cost, and snagged a few pieces to tuck away for when I move out of home (hopefully at the end of the year).


Teresa said...

Your quilting looks terrific. Great job, as usual.

Violet said...

Thanks for sharing the 4 OT again, lovely!
The cube witth the bell inside is supercute.

clare's craftroom said...

You have been busy , your quilt looks great .

julia said...

Hi Kate,
wow, your quilting looks gorgeous! {I have to admit I'm getting a tiny bit green ~ I wish my machine quilting skills were at least a fraction of yours...;o)}.
Happy Easter,