Saturday, April 18, 2009

Super Saturday

I'm being my own version of a domestic diva today.

I've got 4OT in the machine, working through the outer blocks:

Quinces in a jelly bag, draining so I can make quince jelly tomorrow:

Vegie seedlings; broccoli, cauliflower and spinach, and seeds of broad beans, peas, carrots and snow peas to plant tomorrow:

I made Chicken and Lentil Korma with pulao for dinner:

And I've got apple pie in the oven for dessert:

Hope everyone else is having a fantastic, productive weekend!


Bec said...

WOW! Go Kate!
Mmmm dinner and the apple pie look oh so yummy! Will you share the Chicken and Lentil Korma with Pualo recipe?
Quince jelly, yum yum.
Vege seedlings, woohoo! I need to get some of those in too.
The quilt, oh my. What a big one to quilt, great effort! How do you find quilting large quilts on your domestic machine?
Your quilt looks fabulous by the way!
Bec xxx
PS We have been out all day and I am feelng tired and worn out, I'm not feeling so tired now after reading your post and am keen to meet tomorrow to see what I can achieve.

Carol said...

Busy, busy girl...I'm on my way for dinner...looks yummy!

Violet said...

WOWWW(!) about the 4 OT!
I love to watch it growing (it's HUGE!).
Thanks for the update.

Hmmmmm the smell of fresh baked applepie, yummm.