Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On the Air

I had a bit of excitement last week; I was on the radio! The radio station I listen to, Fox FM (which people from Melbourne will know) does a top 5 hits every morning at 9am. Each day they have a listener give their thoughts on each of the songs, and last Wednesday that was me!

I was in the car, so I had to pull over, and it was all very exciting and nerve-wracking. Afterwards I was able to listen to it while I was driving which was pretty strange. You never sound anything like you think you sound. And for my efforts I won a hamper which I collected today.

The goodies include champagne and glasses, shortbread, a couple of boxes of chocolates and lots of other yummies.

In other news, 4OT is almost finished; just got a couple of border flowers to go! Hopefully will have it done on Friday, then I'm heading off on holidays on Saturday!!!

1 comment:

Quilter Going Bananas said...

How fun that you were on the radio!
Your gift basket looks great, if there's anything you don't want you could mail it to me here in Canada...

Have a great vacation too!