Saturday, May 23, 2009

When it rains, it pours

I thought I was escaping the cold Melbourne winter for the sun, surf and sand of Queensland. Apparently I was very, very wrong. Not only did it rain, it flooded, the beach in front of my hotel vanished, and they officially declared it a natural disaster. Oh, and apparently their drought is over.

My week in pictures...

The originally view from the hotel; Surfers Paradise seen at sunset, and the view of the beach out front.

Getting overcast.

My aunt got her own personal waterfall down the front stairs.

The beach started getting smaller.

And the ocean went brown and foamy, as the river to the south funneled out flood waters from further inland.

Yep, all that white is "nature's bubble bath".

Before and After photos of a near-by beach.

The beach is all but gone.

Finally the sun comes out for the first time in four days.

Time for food; the local cafe makes the best muffins fresh every day (and a new flavour every day; this one is lime and coconut...and I wonder why I've come home a tad heavier...)

and the most amazing looking juices! (pineapple, orange and ginger)

The beach started to reappear yesterday, but with a foamy tide line.

An amazing final sunset.

And a bumpy flight home.

Now I've got lots of blogs to catch up on, and quilting to get back into.


Chookyblue...... said...

what an adventurous holiday.........shame about the weather.........

Leanne said...

Great photos at least you can say your holiday didn't have the same boring old holiday snaps that everybody takes. We could really do with some rain here perhaps you could come and visit SA sometime soon LOL.

Cybele's patch said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures. A very long time ago we spent our May holidays in Surfer's Paradise and it was fantastic. Most beautiful weather conditions, perfect beaches and no tourists. I can hardly immagine that weather can be so rough there. It is a pity you did not get what you expected but it got you terrific pictures!

Teresa said...

You share the most amazing photos. I love it.