Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bits and Pieces

A few odds and ends today, as nothing major has been going on in my life lately other than a few casual hours at work, and hunting for a yoga class that suits me after my previous teacher went on maternity leave and was replaced by someone whose style didn't suit me. Oh, and I've crazily decided to give up sugar for a while (till easter, cos I love chocolate), which I'm hoping will make me feel a bit less "blah". But anyway...

The ciabatta bread I made over the weekend. Not quite as "holey" as commercial bread, but lovely dipped in olive oil or toasted and served with a lentil soup.

The choc caramel tart; my last sugar hit for a while! Next time I'll make my own pastry; those frozen sheets really don't taste as nice as home-made.

A special visitor in my garden last night.

A Japanese Maple tree in my backyard that has been dead for a good 4-5 years (hot weather and lack of rain are to blame). It was finally rotten enough for me to yank out this arvo. Hoping to tidy up this garden bed and maybe put in an apple tree.


The pumpkin plant which is taking over my backyard. It hasn't been too successful despite me doing a lot of pollinating, but there are a couple of pumpkins growing.

Our quince tree has its first quince this year; only one but it's looking good!

I'm loving how the quilting of Red Velvet looks on the back; its matches the fabric perfectly.

I found myself feeling a bit bored at 3pm on Sunday and decided to go wander around a few stores; I found this gorgeous bowl at Freedom for an extravagant $12! A matching vase was just $8.

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