Friday, February 12, 2010


After a hot and humid week (93% humidity yesterday!), Melbourne was hit with a huge thunderstorm late yesterday. Getting home from the city was an adventure as I waded through shin-deep, fast-flowing water, and in a long white skirt no less!

Unfortunately my dog Millie isn't so fond of loud noises, and this is what was left of the laundry door when I got home!

No stitching this week due to the heat, but I'm back in the kitchen today. First up is a zucchini slice, using home-grown zucchini, onion and some herbs (thyme and oregano).

Then a chocolate caramel tart for a family dinner I'm going to tomorrow (still in progress). And I'm hoping to do a bit more bread experimentation, and try out ciabatta bread. I'll make the starter today and bake the bread tomorrow. If it works out ok, some should head to dinner along with the tart.


CurlyPops said...

Oh poor Millie must have been really scared. I hope she calmed down once you arrived home.

Carol said...

Poor, poor Millie...she must have been petrified. Zucchini casserole looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

Millie, so often we humans forget that our furbabies' hearing is much more sensitive that ours. That zucchini slice looks absolutely divine! YUM!

The kids said...

Shame about the door! The zucchini slice looks great

Jodie said...

Oh dear, poor Millie!!!

That slicew looks delicious, how is the garden fairing after the storm??? Thunderstorms are a great natural source of nitrogen for the garden...

Jodie :)