Sunday, April 25, 2010

Climate Change

It was a lovely 28 degrees up in Queensland yesterday, and I've come home to an overcast 15 degrees in Melbourne today. Makes me wish I could move up there for the winter! I had a good break; spent my mornings eating muffins and drinking hot chocolates, and spent time at the beach, as well as catching up with family. A new baby arrived to one of my mum's cousins while we were there, however we didn't get to meet him.

As I'm still (very impatiently) waiting to get my sewing machine back, there isn't too much going on here. I've spent today cutting all the fabric for the Mystery BOM finishing kit. Lots of pieces but it looks pretty simple to put together. I'll be ready to piece like crazy when I get my machine on Wednesday.

I'm also finding that the finishing kit, along with each of the monthly packages, has a lot of spare fabric. This will be a test of my stash/scrap busting skills! I've seen a few people are working on quilts from "Scrap Basket Suprises" and I think this might be a good book to add to my collection. The fabrics used in the book aren't my cup of tea, but I'm sure they would look great in anything.

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a good yarn said...

Beautiful images - Queensland is like that. You were lucky to have extra fabric often there isn't enough. I'm sure you'll be sewing up a storm once your machine returns. Ann :-)