Friday, April 9, 2010


An end of the week major achievements, just lots of little ones...

Summerwind now has it's fourth border on.

I'm hand stitching the binding onto Wild Thing.

I'm admiring my new quilt kit, Port-de-France from the Fat Quarter Shop. Love the Martinique fabrics, and this kit seemed perfect.

Mini Jelly Filled now has a new name: Sweet Treats.

I'm annoyed that I managed to get a paper cut under my pinky fingernail, and that Bella is trailing me around the house and grooming like a cat possessed.

How has your week been?


Ginger Patches said...

Summertime is looking beautiful!! Oh that is the worst when you get a papercut under a nail!!! OUCH!

a good yarn said...

Is that Aster Manor you are using in Summerwind. It's a gorgeous quilt so far. Love Martinique too. Ann :-)