Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Blues

I think I've got a little lost over the last few weeks. I haven't felt like doing any quilt sewing, mostly because I've had no idea what to work on. My new rotary blade has a chip in it, making cutting impossible. The weather is crap. And to top it off I have an eye infection of some sort that requires putting thick cream in my eyes, making the world a little hazy.

Plus, I've been having parcel delivery problems; one ended up at a house in a different street, a quilt kit was tossed over my back fence yesterday even though I was home, and one hasn't even turned up yet, so it could be any where.

I'm trying to get my mojo back today; I did a yoga class last night, I've put my old blade back in the rotary cutter, and pulled out my bundle of fabric for A La Mode. I'm going to do some quilty sewing if its the last thing I do.

I also had the realisation earlier that all but one quilt I've made this year has a pink backing, completely by coincidence. And to add to it, the backing I bought for A La Mode all the way back last September is pink also. Weird!

At the top is Port-de-France, then Summer Wind, and at the bottom pint-sized Jelly Filled. Wild Thing also has a pink backing, but its on my bed...


a good yarn said...

Oh dear you have been up against it alright. These things are sent to try us but it's worth battling on. I'm playing with a Simple Abundance layer cake and I'm sure you will enjoy yours. Your quilt backing are very pretty. Hope your eye feels better soon. Ann :-)

julia said...

Hi Kate,
oh my - I'm sending well wishes down to you & hope next week won't be as bad...my fingers are crossed that your parcel will arrive soon.
Have fun with your new project, I'm sure I'll love it!
Hugs, Julia