Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Night Sky in Paradiso

I'm declaring this my first finish of 2015, even though it's not yet quilted. Baby steps! I dashed outside for a few quick photos this morning before the storms rolled in.

There were definitely moments where I was not loving this quilt; so many flying geese! But now that it is all together I'm pretty darn pleased. I do love pink and blue.


Lynda said...

Looks terrific Kate.

a good yarn said...

You should be pleased. What a gorgeous quilt! Did you use that special Flying Gees ruler?

Robyn of Oz said...

It's lovely. Emma Jansen's mum, Pam taught us a method that makes them a bit quicker to get through. Considering one of Emma's quilt patterns is all flying geese, and then she has another that has all the sashing done in geese, her method is really good for getting through them quickly. It might even be on a tutorial on Emma's blog.