Friday, December 12, 2008

More progress

It's been one of those days where I've managed to get a lot done. I'm having people over tomorrow for a Christmas get-together, so I've cleaned the house from top to bottom. I also put up the Christmas tree, finally. However, we have to put the tree in the bathroom every night to stop the cat crash-tackling it. As you can see, she likes to hang out near it, waiting for my back to be turned for just a second.

I've finished Dilbert.

I've basted the Wallflower quilt (it's been hanging on the clothes horse for a couple of weeks just waiting...)

B's baby quilt is all quilted, I just need to buy some fabric for the binding (ok, so I finished this about a week or so ago, but haven't shown it yet).

I've made the little goody boxes for friends at work.

I've wrapped up a few presents, and tucked them away to stop Miss Bella ripping them open...

And somehow I've managed to cause an error with my Mum's SLR camera while taking photos of barnacles...hopefully its nothing serious :-\