Monday, December 22, 2008

Three days to go...

Is anyone else mildly freaked out that Christmas in only three days away? At least the weather is finally looking more like summer than winter (34 here today!).

I handed in my thesis today; thats one less thing to worry about. Plus I finished quilting Wallflower...just have the binding to go.

And I had some new jelly rolls arrive in the post. The Fat Quarter Shop has been having a fantastic Christmas sale, with 50% off different selected items each day, and I managed to snag the two jellies for $15 each!


American Primer:

And Miss Rosie's 4OT quilt pattern which I plan to make next year (among a million other things!)

Now, I recently added a visitor counter to my blog, and I know I'm getting up to 40 hits a day, but very few comments. So to all you lurkers out there, please say hello; I like to know who is visiting here so that I can in turn visit your blog. Plus I'm just greedy, I like getting lots of comments, it makes me feel loved!


Chookyblue...... said...

beautiful quilt and good buys with the jelly rolls........

Susan Calitz said...

Hi there from a very hot South Africa.
I would love to see what you do with the jelly rolls.
They are quite expensive here so careful planning is necessary.
will be doing a mystery quilt on New Years day
what fun!

julia said...

Hi Kate,
congrats on finishing this beautiful quilt (love the quilting!) & handing in your go girl ;o)
Can't wait for you to make something cute from these jelly rolls...!
Hugs, Julia
P.S.: Carrie's patterns are irresistible, aren't they?

Robin said...

Beautiful quilt :)

Christine said...

Hi Kate. I love your Wallflower quilt. Your quilting looks fantastic. You did well with those jelly rolls .... I'm trying to be good at the moment! Hope you have a happy Christmas.