Sunday, December 14, 2008


Now that I've finished all my crafty Christmas projects, I can finally work on more selfish projects. While I've started putting together the sheep baby quilt for C, I've been itching to start quilting Wallflower, and I finally got there today (or tonight...).

The quilt is mostly stippled, so I don't imagine its going to take too long, however I'm a very restless person, and I can't sit still for long. I usually quilt a section, then get up and wander around, the come back and do a bit more. I do the same when I'm watching TV; as soon as there is an ad, I'm off and wandering. The only problem with doing this while I'm quilting, is that Bella very soon makes herself at home in the most inconvenient spot.

I've managed to get a decent amount done tonight, and I'm pleased with how it's looking. I'm just using a light cream coloured thread for most of it, but I might go for an olive to quilt in the leaves.

I've shown quite a few photos of Bella over the past few months, but I've never really gone into detail about her. I adopted Bella from the RSPCA almost three years ago, after my old cat died of cancer. The thing about Bella which makes her a bit special is that she is deaf, which is very common in white cats. However, the blue-eyed part is a myth; many white cats with blue eyes have perfectly good hearing, while Bella has green-yellow eyes. No one is entirely sure why being white causes deafness.

Because she is deaf, she is an indoor cat, as she can't hear things like cars or dogs. She is also an incredibly affectionate cat, and gets very upset if she is left alone. If she doesn't know where you are in the house, she howls loudly until she finds you. She can be so loud that I've had neighbours come to the door to see what the noise it. She also has different noises for different occasions; a sad howl when she can't find you, an excited meow when she is about to be fed, and a funny sound we call her "moth noise" when she spots a moth or fly in the house (which she usually catches). To get her to come to you, you wiggle your fingers, or tap on the furniture and she comes running. And if you ignore her for too long, she hops up on her back legs and taps you till you pick her up.

For some reason, she also likes to sleep in lots of funny places; shopping bags, cardboard boxes, a casserole dish I've got stashed away under my bed, and even in the lining of the couch. She also loves umbrellas!


Wendy said...

I love the story about Bella. She has some cute spots to cuddle. I'm taken to cats that are affectionate. My cat was like that, she always had to follow me from room to room.
The quilting is look awesome, my favourte way to quilt is stippling.

Christine said...

Bella is gorgeous ... thanks for sharing her story. She is lucky to have you. Oliver spends a lot of time inside too .... my last kitty got run-over so I'm very protective of him. Thankfully he doesn't wander outside our yard and Molly looks after him outside. She frightens away any other cats that wander into our yard. They are a funny pair!

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