Monday, July 20, 2009

Tell Me Where to Go

Being a PhD student left little time or money for holidays, but now that I'm a working girl, I've decided to treat myself to an overseas trip. So later in the year, I'm heading to the USA!

This is where you get the chance to tell me where to go; I'll have a few days spare in both LA and New York, and I absolutely have to get some fabric shopping in. Not only is the range of fabrics better in the US, but the prices are a heck of a lot better, especially with the current exchange rate. So if I have to bring home an extra bag just to carry fabric, then so be it!

So, any suggestions of shops that I should visit? I'll have a couple of days in Anaheim before I join a tour of the west coast for two weeks, then I'll be in New York for about 5 days, before heading back to LA for a couple of extra days. I'm hoping to do the shopping after the tour so I don't have to lug extra stuff around... If there are any other "must seee" attractions then I'm open to suggestions, as its the first time I'll have been to the US!


Ellice said...

Hi Kate,
I came to your site by chance, and have enjoyed reading it. Your pictures are wonderful, and I love the baby items. I can't give you any ideas on where to go in the US, but have a ball and shop lots in the fabric shops. I am a little envious of you for being able to physically visit those shops.

MamaT said...

What about the heart of our great country? Paducah, Kentucky has a fabulous quilt museum and Hancock's of Paducah is the best fabric store in the country in my opinion. I work at the Cotton Patch in Tulsa, Oklahoma so stop on by and see us there. We'd be glad to help you!

Di~ said...

Are you flying or driving across the USA? If you will be near Oregon, Idaho or Utah, I can give you a few leads.