Thursday, July 2, 2009

To Bind or Not to Bind?

I've finished quiting "Catch a Falling Star" (yay!), but I'm a bit unsure about the binding fabric that came in the kit, and hoping my wonderful readers might share their opinion with me.

The fabric is a diagonal stripe from the Peace on Earth range;

This is what it looks like against the backing fabric:

Against the front:

Wider view:

I think it will probably look fine; only a small amount of binding shows, and the FQS wouldn't have selected it if they didn't think it would work, but what do you think?


Bec said...

Kate I think it looks fine, lifts the quilt up a bit too. I don't mind diagonals for binding.
Maybe it will grow on you???
See what others say and wait a few days before deciding.

Chookyblue...... said...

I think it looks good..........I like the effect of stripes on bindings

Carol said...

I really like it...I love that the fabric is a stripe on the bias without having to cut bias. Beautiful quilt!

julia said...

Hi Kate,

hmmm...I have to say I love the PoE collection & the quilt looks gorgeous!
Personally I don't think I would have chosen this print for such a busy quilt...although I love stripes for binding in general.
If I had to choose, I'd use a red or brown tonal.
But then again, what do I know ;o)

Hugs, Julia
P.S.: missed visiting your blog ;o)

Lynda said...

As much as I love diagonal striped binding (used it several times) I feel that your quilt needs a stronger-coloured binding. Your quilt and quilting are beautiful.

Christine said...

Love it ... I think it looks good with both the front and back. But do what is right for you.

Jeanne said...

I love stripes for the binding. It looks great to me.