Sunday, July 5, 2009

Winter Vegie Progress

We still aren't getting a lot of rain here in Melbourne, but all the winter vegies I've planted are doing well. My broad beans got so tall they started to fall over and grow sidewards, so I've run string between the rows to hold them up a little. Batch two are popping up now (bottom right) and looking good.

My snow peas are climbing the wire with a little encouragement, and the second sowing are just starting to reach for the wire.

The peas are growing; they can almost reach the string I've placed above them for support if they need it.

The cauliflower and broccoli plants are coming along well; I was a little late to plant this year, but they should still produce good heads soon. You can see my rhubarb and silverbeet too.

The carrots are getting bigger, though they still have a way to go (photo's a bit bright sorry).

And the onions took four weeks to sprout, but are doing ok's almost time to thin them out a little.

For all those that left their opinion regarding the binding in my last post, thank you. After chatting with the ladies at my local quilt shop, we've decided that a brown is definitely needed for this quilt. I think the stripe looked ok in the photos, but in real life, not so much.

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Jelly Wares said...

Great pics of all the produce you're growing this Winter, very inspirational.... I especially love the first pic of the broad beans, they're going AMAZINGLY!!!!

Take Care
Jodie :)