Thursday, August 13, 2009

Picnic Time

The Picnic quilt top is all put together; it's only little so it'll be good just to hang on the back of the couch for those times when your feet get a little chilly. And yes, its sunny here in Melbourne today.

Finally got my camera to play nice; these are nectarine blossoms:

The chaos that is my vegie patch; herbs across the front and right sides. Cauliflower and carrots back left, silverbeet and spinach in the middle (plus one huge bok choy plant), broad beans across the back, broccoli hiding behind the rosemary bush. Snow peas climbing up the back fence. I've planted some seeds today for spring planting...where they will go is a mystery at the moment.

And this is what happens when you leave your potato crop in the cupboard...back into the garden they go!
And...this is post 99, which means the next one is the big 100! It's also a year this month since I started the blog...time sure does fly!


Carol said...

Oh Kate I LOVE your Picnic quilt. It is just beautiful!

chook said...

hi Kate your quilt looks beautiful
I wish we had a veg garden must do something about that this spring I think

Roseanne said...

Your quilt look beautiful. I love the colours that you usede in you quilt.
X Razzy

Ginger Patches said...

Love that quilt, sooo pretty! Your garden makes me wish I had one this year...but we have such a water shortage right now, oh well maybe next year. I'll just enjoy yours vicariously for now :)

Bec said...

Your picnic quilt is great! love it! which range did you use??? It is very effective block placement.
The vegegarden is looking good enough to eat!