Friday, August 28, 2009

The Great Batting Shortage

Ok, so maybe not "great", but it certainly was harder to get my hands on my favourite batting this week! I've had one of those months where all the bills due are way more than my income, so I'd been putting off quilting Jelly Girl. I finally had a spare bit of cash, and everyone was sold out!

In the mean time, I stitched together a few offcuts from my last two quilts (4OT and Falling Star), and quilted Picnic. It's turned out really well!

I also dug into my stash and started on "Sassafras", a Thimble Blossoms pattern using Cotton Blossoms. I love this fabric so it'll be nice to have a second quilt from it.

Don't you just love unwrapping a new jelly roll? Bella certainly does!

I did finally manage to get my hands on some batting; not my usual (wool/polyester blend), but one I'm told is just as good, but gives a better "drape". Works for me. Now to baste it and get started!


Renee said...

the picnic quilt turned out great - well done. I'm a fan of the cotton blossoms range too, in fact, I like all Camille Roskelley's designs!

Bec said...

Loove the picnic quilt. Your new quilt in Cotton Blossoms will look beaut, I have long admired this pattern.
What batting did you end up with? Do you normally buy Matilda's Own?

Christine said...

The Picnic quilt looks wonderful. You are so clever to do your own quilting. Love the picture of Bella.