Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It seems the last few months of hot weather followed by pouring rain is doing the garden good. I'm in harvest mode!

My zucchini plant, the one I planted as a back-up in case my "main" plants didn't do well, has got huge! So much so that I have to be careful not to run over it when I back out of the driveway. There are about 4 zucchini on there waiting to be picked.

My corn has its first ears.

The pumpkin plants have baby pumpkins.

And the broad beans that I chopped off at the ground have taken on a second life, and even have a few pods happening...

My onions are almost ready for harvest, just waiting for the tops to die off.

And last but not least, my tomato plants are so tall they've reached the top of my neighbours garage! One plant seems to be dying off for some unknown reason, but the rest are doing ok.

I've been picking the tomatoes early to beat the birds, and have a lovely row of them ripening on the kitchen windowsill.

Thanks for the comments so far on my last post, much appreciated! Still looking for feedback from anyone who has an opinion :-) Still putting ideas together, but hopefully I can get this off the ground. Will keep you posted!


Quilter Going Bananas said...

I have to laugh about your tomatoes and the birds getting them. Last summer my BIL had a veggie garden in a raised long rectangular box. He also had several tomato plants but each plant was not producing the normal amount expected. The culprit?
Caught in the act one day were two chipmunks stealing the tomatoes, then climbing up the neighbour's adjoining fence, walking along the top of the fence to their final destination. Along the way there were bits of tomato left on the top of the fence. Too funny! LOL

Anonymous said...

De-Lurking to say that most of us in the states appreciate this post... I for one do. It's freezing cold up here and seeing your garden makes me think of warmer times, not the snow, ice, and arctic temps...

btw, there's nothing better than a fresh tomato... ok a fresh tomato sandwich... but they just rock...

Happy harvest!