Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Port-de-France and a Little Progress

Despite a few initial hiccups with the first block, I did eventually get this quilt pieced. Unfortunately the colours don't lend themselves well to photographs, especially in the autumn light....

Summer wind is basted up and in the machine...with a little help from Bella of course (we only just fit on the loungeroom floor).

And all three of my fur-babies are enjoying the sunshine streaming through the front door, even though it's not that warm out. Bella is at the top, Jack in the middle, and Millie (who has a really bad cold at the moment) is at the bottom.


julia said...

Congrats on finishing the quilt - despite the problems with the flying turned out beautifully!
Can't wait to see Summer Wind quilted - I'm curious what kind of motifs you'll choose.
I hope Millie's getting well soon,

a good yarn said...

Both quilts are wonderful. I love them more each time I see them. Nice picture of your fur babies schmoozing in the sun. Hope Millie gets over her gold soon. Ann :-)

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Wow Kate! Both quilts look beautiful. and your sun bathing babies are adorable :0)

I just got back from Quilt Market. I had a great time and I will fill you in on the details later.

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful quilts!

Renee said...

lovely quilts Kate. I really like Summer wind, the colours are so warm, perfect for this time of year!

Jackie's Stitches said...

I like a ray of sunshine every now and then, too! Looks like your pets found the perfect spot.

Beautiful quilts!