Monday, September 19, 2011


After four weeks travelling across 22 states of the USA from Los Angeles to New York City, I'm finally home.

So many amazing places, it's just not possible to share everything. I loved seeing how the country, and the people, changed as we headed east, then into the deep south. And I loved trying all the different food!

I loved meeting the 50 or so new people whom I travelled with.

I loved the nightlife of Vegas.

I love seeing the Grand Canyon again.

I loved the majesty of Monument Valley (this is the view seen in Forest Gump).

I loved that everything was bigger in Texas! (and I bought awesome cowboy boots).

I loved seeing Memphis (and Graceland) and New Orleans.

Harry Potter World!

I loved the glitz of Miami.

I loved visiting the Kennedy Space Centre.

I loved the old buildings in Savannah; I want to live there. Charleston was amazing too...Aussie McMansions have nothing on their houses.

I loved all the monuments in Washington DC, and being there for 9/11 was an honour, as was visiting Arlington Cemetary for the changing of the guard. I also loved being there for my birthday.

And of course I loved New York, but I haven't sorted out those photos yet...


Lynda said...

FABULOUS Kate! I'm hoping to go to USA this time next year and bringing home a pair of cowboy boots is top of the list. I'll look forward to your next lot of photos.

a good yarn said...

I'm sooooo jealous but soooo happy that you had such an awesome time! ann :-)