Friday, November 30, 2012

Thinking Ahead

I know I haven't finished Hopscotch yet (almost, I promise!), but I've already got my next project picked out. As soon as Cuzco arrived, I knew I had to make a quilt. The blues and purples in this range make my heart sing.

I put the word out on Facebook and got a few suggestions, then settled on this quilt pattern. Nice and simple, and it should show off the prints nicely.

These are the fabrics I've picked. The top one is for the corner stones, the middle for the border, and the bottom one for the backing. I think that last one might be my favourite and I wish I'd got more of it in the photo. But trust me, it's awesome. I forgot to buy binding but I'll sort that out a bit later.

For more pics like these, you can find me on Instagram as blackcat20.

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