Saturday, July 6, 2013

Binding Found

No sewing, but I did find the perfect binding for my Scrappy Tripalong quilt. As suspected, a black and white stripe was the perfect fit. Now just to find time to get it bound!

A little searching on Gumtree earlier this week found me a 'new' cabinet for my kitchen. I've always wanted one, it was half price, and already assembled. A bit of effort required to get it home but I love how it looks in the kitchen. Plus now all my pretties are on display. All my mixing bowls are tucked away in the draw.

I've actually lost a little storage space, but it looks so much nicer than my shabby old cupboard. The only casualty was my lovely Just Joey rose; we lost our balance getting the old cupboard out of the house and the rose snapped at the base. Never mind, she'll be replaced soon enough.

And tomorrow should see me finish of the painting in 'the room'; new furniture arrives next weekend so time is of the essence!


a good yarn said...

Will you cut your binding on the bias? The stripe is such a good choice. I thought after your last post maybe a small check but nope - the stripe is just the ticket. Love, love, love your new cupboard!

Lynda said...

Love your new cupboard - it looks wonderful and so will your black/white binding.

Robyn of Oz said...

Love the cupboard, it's awesome! I'd try for another one for the sewing room. Fabric would look so pretty behind the glass and be free of dust.
The black and white stripe should look great on the quilt. Love a good stripe. :)