Wednesday, January 14, 2009


After a cool start to summer, we've finally hit some hot weather here in Melbourne. Unfortunately that puts a stop to quilting, as least for me, as I have a really bad tolerance for heat. We had a cool change earlier today, but my house is a 1950's weatherboard with no air-conditioning, so its still hot inside, even with all the doors and windows open.

However, a blog with no new posts is a very dull blog, so I have some progress to show. I've been working on the aplique for the sheep quilt for C's bub, and its coming along quite well. All I need to do is finish the blanket stitch around the sheeps legs and heads (the purple one is done), and it will be ready for borders and quilting.

A pic of the finished quilt (one I made last year) can be seen here. The only difference to this one is the background fabric.

Also, for fans of Camille/Cotton Blossoms, she is featured in the latest issue of Australian Homespun magazine, just out this week. There is a lovely Cotton Blossoms quilt, which looks quick and easy to whip up. If I hadn't just finished Wallflower, and have Sassafras ready to go, I'd probably jump straight onto this one. Its made using a layer cake.


Teresa said...

Too sweet Kate! I love the sheep. And your blog is never dull, sweetie. I still heart you. I still have no time to quilt... so it's nice to your projects, which are always so fresh.


Lanie Jane said...

Thought you may be interested in a giveaway! Come by and check it out!

xo jane

Unknown said...

Baa those sheep look fantastic .
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