Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

I'm not sure if people outside of Australia are aware, but we seem to be having something of an unpleasant heat wave at the moment. Today in Melbourne we got up to 45 degrees, yesterday was 46 and the day before was just below 40. Tomorrow is meant to be 43. And our overnight minimum hovers around 30. So not only is it too hot to do anything crafty (couldn't think of anything worse than sitting under a quilt right now), but its too hot to do anything at all, even sleep.

Being at work during the day is lovely, but the trains are a bit iffy, and it's my day off tomorrow...I think I'll have to find somewhere cool to hang out.... I'm even considering going to the movies on my own.

The best part of today has been arriving home to find a gorgeous parcel waiting for me; the goodies I won from Clare's Craftroom giveaway recently! It was wrapped in cute pink fairy girl paper, and the card has butterflies on it (I'm obsessed with them).

Inside was a blundle of pink stuff; fabric, ribbons, ric rac, button, note paper and envelopes (more butterflies!), and a roll of Musk Lifesavers, which were my favourite when I was younger. Thanks Clare!

Now I just need one of my pregnant friends (I have three now!) to have a girl, and I'll be set!

Bring on the cooler weather!


Teresa Porter said...

It's grey and in the 50's here in Georgia, and that might as well be freezing in this area. The humidity here makes it awefull.

Your package is lovely, can't wait to see what you do with it!


Simone de Klerk said...

This looks really really pink. I love it. Lucky you (O:
Here in Heerlen it is almost freezing with blue skies and sun.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

All that pink goodness! Wow what fun to look at! Here today it's -20C with blue skies and sunny.

I'll continue to hurl snow from Canada here all the way across the ocean to Australia, okay? LOL

Violet said...

Don't you just love nice parcels like that? Something nice in the mail makes you're day.

It's -5C overhere, so I'm blowing some ice cristals your way, and yes I've read about your heatwave on several blogs, aren't blogs wonderfull?
I'll prefer the cold above the heat, poor you, I hope for you it cools down very soon.

How is Bella doing in such hot weather?

clare said...

So glad you liked your prize . Ive had enough of this heat , I'm over it .
clares craftroom

Christine said...

Very pretty prizes.