Sunday, February 1, 2009

The cool after the heat?

Following our record-breaking heat wave, we've now settled into a more respectable 32C today, with the rest of the week hovering around the 30 degree mark. It's so nice to be able to sit in front of the TV without sliding out of your seat! And I've finally been able to do some sewing, and some baking.

I'm very pleased to say that my vegie patch made it through the week. We mulched, and rigged a piece of shade cloth over it on Monday, and the only thing that disappeared over the course of the week was the lettuce. The spinach, bok choy and silverbeet are all still leafy and green.
(looks like some of the ivy died off)
My potatoe plants had all died off, so I did a bit of digging....and came up with a whole heap of them!

This lot got a bit more water than the last lot, so they grew a bit more. I've got a third tub still growing.

I baked choc-chip cookies was cool enough to turn the oven on for once.

And I finished the sheep quilt top. I've been procrastinating a bit on this one; it's not much fun working on something you've made before... I've still got a few weeks till C's bub arrives (about 5 I think), and this should only take a day or two to quilt. Sorry it looks a bit rumpled, its windy out, and I'm over the iron already...

My boss, B, has her last official day at work tomorrow; her bub is only a few weeks away too, but that quilt is finished and ready for a label with the yet-unknown name.

A few people asked how Bella coped with the heat last week....does this answer your question?


Quilter Going Bananas said...

Hiya Kate! Those cookies sure look about we do a trade...I'll continue to hurl snow from Canada to you in Australia and you can send me some cookies! LOL

Seriously glad it's cooled off a bit.
The lamb quilt sure is cute, I like how it turned out.

Hope your garden continues to survive the heat. Enjoy the taters!

mellyandrosie said...

The weather is soooooo much better now isn't it?? It feels so nice to not be so incredibly uncomfortable!
Good on you for becoming productive again. I have been comatose today but that has been due to school blues!

Violet said...

*nibbeling on a cookie while typing this*
(sorry I couldn't help myself, they just looked so good)

I'm glad that it is getting "cooler" now.
I can't imagine how terrible hot it was (and stil is) in Australia.
Ah, and poor darling Bella, she is so cute!