Sunday, February 8, 2009


As I'm sure many people are away, Victoria is currently suffering one of its worst bushfires, following the hottest day on record yesterday (a tad over 46C). Despite it being cool today, the fires are still burning, many out of control. So far 35 people have lost their lives, and many homes have been destroyed. Several towns have been almost completely obliterated. I live in the suburbs just outside the city which is perfectly safe, but I visited my friend C yesterday to catch up, and the fires were a little too close for comfort. At one point her husband got up on the roof to see just how close they were. I later found out it was only two suburbs away, and several homes were destroyed. I have also heard this morning that my sister's aunt has lost her home, but is safe.

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While bushfires are a part of living in this country, it is still devastating. I hope everyone will keep those affected by the fires in their thoughts.


Violet said...

Oh dear... how awfull, terrifying and tragic!
(((big hug)))
I'm thinking about you.
Please keep safe!
(I'm sorry that my English isn't good enough to express what I'm thinking, I'm shocked by the photo and your words, how frightning and terrible is this all...)

Christine said...

Glad your okay. Hope the fire situtaion improves soon.

Carol said...

OMG Kate that is so very scary...glad your sister's aunt is safe...that is just so sad that she lost her house. Please stay safe.

julia said...

Oh Kate,
how scary! My thoughts are with you all! I'm glad you're O.K. and that your sister's aunt is safe...
I can't imagine how it must be for you to be close to those horrible fires!
Keep us updated
hugs, Julia

Kate/Massachusetts said...

That is such a terrifying picture! It looks like the end of the world. I am so glad you are okay! My thoughts and prayers for all of you. Here in the U.S. I have not seen any news stories about Australia's fires. Stay safe.