Monday, February 9, 2009

Fire Update

I'm sure most people outside of Australia are now aware that Victoria has had its worst bushfires on record, with the highest peace-time death toll. Over 100 people are now confirmed dead, with many more likely to be found over the coming days and weeks. Over 700 homes have also been lost.

My sister works in the Yarra Valley, one of the regions hit by fire. She went to work yesterday for a short while, to help clean up from the previous day when the winery was evacuated, but fortunately returned home quickly. This photo shows her workplace, and just how close the fire got.

Her aunt and uncle, who lost their home, took all proper precautions, including water tanks, pumps, and fire shutters, but the heat was so intense the tanks melted, and the steel beams which support their house buckled. Another family I know in Kinglake left their home with their children, and were lucky to find their house had survived.

For those that want to help people affected, there are numerous ways to get involved. Several banks have opened accounts for donations; contact the Red Cross for details. Several bloggers are also organising donations of clothes, toys etc. Please visit Grandy and Baa or CurlyPops for details.


Teresa Porter said...

Oh Sweet Kate,
I've just read the news, thank heaven you are ok. My heart breaks for all those who arent so lucky. Saying a little prayer for you all today.

Love from Georgia

Nicole said...

Being from California, I know how terrible these fires can be. However, I don't think I could even imagine how devastating your fires are in terms of loss of property and life. My thoughts are with all of you.

Violet said...
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Violet said...

The fires are on our news in the Netherlands too for several days now, it is shocking to see what happens and to hear all the stories people tell about what is happening.

Keep safe.

(I deleted the first comment because I made a big mistake in my English)