Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bossed an iron?

Does anyone else own a bossy iron? Or is everyone reading this thinking I must be crazy? We bought a new iron recently, and if I leave it alone for too long, it beeps at me. And beeps some more, and some more. It beeps until I come and do my ironing. Bossy thing.

Anyway, I've finished off all the Winter blocks for the Boxed In quilt. The pic is of a handful of the blocks; I need to play around with them to work out how to arrange them before I sew them all together.

I want to thank everyone for their thoughts regarding the backing/binding of 4OT. I finally made a decision, blue for the backing, red for the binding.

I've started on my next big project. "Catch a Falling Star", which is a kit put together by The Fat Quarter Shop using Moda's Peace on Earth and Miss Rosie's Simple City pattern. I've had the kit since about April last year, and have been hanging out to work on it, but keep getting distracted by other (smaller) quilts. This afternoon (my day off), I've been cutting out the background fabric...I think I'm up to about 200 squares so far!

I always wonder if Bella gets bored when she is home alone....and I figure she would make the most of me being home for a day, but apparently not, as this is where she spent today, on my bed....

And something that might creep out the non-Aussies....I had a visitor in my room the other night; I was getting ready for bed, and had pulled my doona back as it was a warm night. I went to the kitchen for a glass of water, and when I came back there was a huge huntsman spider sitting right in the middle of my bed, enjoying the breeze from my fan. He was promptly liberated into the front yard.


Anonymous said...

I like your blocks. How many quilts are you working on? Lokking forward to see the big project. And I don't like spider, iI hope you slept well.

Carol said...

Your Boxed In blocks are great...the Winter line is perfect. Like your backing and binding selections. That Catch a Falling Star is a beautiful kit. Can't wait to see it grow.

Christine said...

Oh, I love your Boxed In blocks. Look forward to seeing Catch a Falling Star grow. Peace on Earth is a gorgeous range.

Jenny said...

The blocks are wonderful - such gorgeous colours. Am very keen to see the next quilt come together as it looks amazing too. You can keep your huntsman spiders, though - I vividly recall them from my Aussie living days. No thanks.

Violet said...

I rotflol about your iron.
Your "boxed inn" blocks look realy nice.

Your fabric for the back of the 4OT is lovely.
pssst, I did it... (thanks to seeing your 4OT quilt) I've ordered the pattern and fabric (I can't wait to get it in my hands, sleeping inside the postofficebox etc. LOL) but I think I use another colourscheme...
I'm going to use the red fabric with the small blue flowers for the back and bleu tone on tone for the binding.
I googled the spider, and I'm not shocked.
We have so called "house spiders" they are 7-11 cm and I catch them and also put them in the garden.
I'm glad you didn't kill the poor spider.

Good luck with the cutting of the pieces of the new quilt.
(don't you feel your muscles?)
You are working so fast, I stitch in hand, instead of a machine, so my quilt will take a lot longer.

Violet said...

pssst these spiders live in our house:

tegenaria gigantea, aka the giant house spider.
LOL, don't you love them?
Bella does just like a cat does: she needs to sleep most of the day.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I love Moda's Peace On Earth fabric!

The choices for your 4OT backing and binding are wonderful. Can't wait to see it completed.

A spider?? OMG I'm shrieking as I type this, I'll take frozen Canada any day over a (shudder) spider...