Monday, February 16, 2009


I spent the weekend working on the blocks for the falling star quilt, and by last night had all 68 economy blocks pieced and trimmed. Now they just need to be sashed, and they will be ready to assemble, though 12 will be turned into stars.

My whoops was a bit of an accident I had on Thursday; I misjudged my entry into my car, slipped and slammed my back into the door frame. Ive got a lovely bruise on my leg, and a very sore back, to the point where using my arms too much is very painful; mostly through the shouldblade area.
So it took me four days to put all those blocks together, working a little bit at a time. I'm off to the physio tomorrow, so hopefully they can get that sorted, as I use my arms alot for my job. I work in a lab, and there is a lot of repetitive hand work. I'm also hoping to get the Sheep quilt fully quilted Wednesday, so I'll need to be able to use my arms!

Till next time!

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Lynda said...

Ouch Kate! Hope the physio can help you - machine sewing is probably not the best thing for you to do this week but it's amazing what pain we can handle. Your economy blocks are lovely.