Sunday, February 3, 2013

Much Better!

I couldn't help myself...blame the Virgo in me, I have a problem with being perfect sometimes. I pulled out the block that was bugging me, divided it in half and re-stitched it. The green is now a little less obvious then it was, though it still seems to stand out in photos. I can rest easy now!

Excuse the hose, was being a bit lazy...

Not too much else acheived today; I'm working on some cushions for the first market of the year but they aren't done yet. I also helped my mum out by building her some Ikea shelves...I think Bella has a new favourite spot!


a good yarn said...

When all is said and done you need to be happy with it (although I still can't see the green you're talking about - I must be blind!).

Looks like Bella is testing your prowess with an Allen key.

Robyn of Oz said...

The scrappy looks lovely.
Bella is like every cat I've ever met : must test out everything new. I got a surprise from Leanne Beasley a while ago and as soon as I had emptied the box it came in, my cat claimed it. It doesn't matter what size a box is, she's got to sit in it. She's nearly 7kg, so it looks rather funny.
BTW, Bella is gorgeous.

Marg said...

It looks great. I know what you mean, when something is bugging you. I can understand why you had to fix it, even though it wan't that noticeable to us. It's such a pretty quilt top, looking forward to seeing it quilted.