Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wiped-Out Wednesday

I have this cute little notepad that is designed to be a To Do list. Knowing today was my day off, I filled that list last night, and have spent the day ploughing through what feels like a million things.

I've been to gym, cleaned the bathroom, vaccummed the house, finally sourced wheat for my wheat bags (for market), shopped at the supermarket and washed my car (first time since August!).

I've whipped up a Blueberry Frangipane tart for tomorrow; my Candian friend is visiting from San Fran so I wanted to make something super yummy. Haven't made it before, though it was pretty easy. Just wish my pastry wouldn't shrink, no matter how careful I am!

Also turned all my leftover triangles from the Mystery BOM into HSTs...I'll work out what to do with them once the 12 blocks are done.

Still need to visit my grandma later today, then I might be settling in for a relaxed evening in front of the TV. That's everything on my list and I'm exhausted!


a good yarn said...

Do you chill you pastry again after you have put it into the tin? That usually works. It looks delicious! Glad you got through your list. Hope Grandma is getting on okay.

Lynda said...

The tart looks delicious.

Marg said...

The tart looks delicious, I love blueberries. Gosh some of those HST's are teeny tiny!

Robyn of Oz said...

that tart looks so yummy. first comment is correct, give it a bit of a chill and before you do, prick it with a fork, also doing a blind bake might help. If you do this, use a couple of pieces of baking paper under it and in it so it doesn't get too brown.
Your hsts are amazing. love em.