Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ever have one of those days...

...when nothing works out the way it should?

I got my first block for the Fat Quarter Shop mystery BOM, and it shouldn't have been that hard, but everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I stitched the wrong fabrics together, stitched fabrics facing the wrong way (ie. back of one to the front of the other), had the blocks oriented the wrong way...then when I thought I had it all worked out, one of the points just would not go together right. I unpicked it about 8 times, and its still not right. But I give up, there is obviously something wrong with the block involved, and it just doesn't want to play this is my finished block, slightly imperfect, but then, no one is perfect anyway. I remember reading somewhere that the Amish, I think, deliberately stitch mistakes into things like quilts because no one is meant to be perfect. So this is where I'm at, one slightly imperfect but otherwise beautiful block.

Bella has been her usual helpful self today, precariously positioning herself on top of my quilt when I have it draped over the machine (to stop her sitting on the front side). The good news is that the Falling Star quilt is almost finished; I've quilted all the way to one end, and only have a few rows of quilting to go at the other.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I was meant to go hot air ballooning this morning. but after getting up at 5am, it turned out to be too foggy... so back to bed for a few hours, then up and back into all those things I like to do on a Wednesday.

I finally took a photo of the pinwheel quilt, which I bound up last night. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, plus I enjoyed having all the lovely ladies at Amitie have a good look.

Cute stripey binding, the same as on the last cot quilt.

I made pizza for dinner; margarita, and potato and proscuitto.

And isn't little Noah getting big! I got to spend the day with him and his mum last week...he is at that stage where he is just starting to smile.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pinwheels and Pussy Cats

I made the most of the long weekend here in Melbourne, and got the pinwheel quilt all quilted up today. The photos aren't the best, but its cold and wet outside.

The front:

The back; I used the cat fabric plus a few spare pinwheels:
I'm also making good progress on the Falling Star quilt, but I've got a lot more to go!

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Fabric

The Aussie dollar is gradually creeping its way back, which means I can shop (almost) guilt-free! Todays bundle includes 4 yards of Patisserie for the back of my Jelly Girl quilt (next on the list), and a yard each of two cute Alexander Henry prints. One will most likely end up on the back of the pinwheel quilt.

And the Fabric Shack, being lovely as always, included a free pack of embroidery needles. Oh, and for the Aussies, their postage is usually just $10 for up to 9 yards.