Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's been a quiet one this week. I spent the weekend suffering sugar withdrawal symptoms like shakey legs and a headache, which is not so conducive to crafting. I've put together block 9 of the FQS Mystery BOM. Only 3 blocks to go!

Have you seen the 2010 Mystery BOM? It looks good, but I won't be doing it this year. There is just something wrong with a christmas quilt when christmas in Australia is so HOT!

I've also finished quilting the blocks of Red Velvet; just got the borders to go, then I'll pop up a picture. My only other news is that I've had a gorgeous logo designed for my quilt shop. Not long until I'll be able to reveal a few details.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Everyone needs a little Verna in their life; this fabric is absolutely gorgeous!

Despite already having quite a few quilts on my to-do list, there was no way I was passing up this line. I'm using it for a full sized Wild Thing; I loved the mini version so much I wished I'd made a bigger one, so this is my chance. However, it will be a touch smaller than the pattern as I am excluding the inner border.

I've got a gorgeous deep pink for the border, a lovely swirly pink for the backing, and a cute stripe for the binding. I purchased mine from Quilt This!; they currently have this line on sale for anyone interested. And they included a little card with my parcel with the comment "such exquisite choices-just spectacular colourways!'. I'm a little chuffed :-)

For more info on Verna and its designer Kate Spain, check out her blog The Drawing Board.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bits and Pieces

A few odds and ends today, as nothing major has been going on in my life lately other than a few casual hours at work, and hunting for a yoga class that suits me after my previous teacher went on maternity leave and was replaced by someone whose style didn't suit me. Oh, and I've crazily decided to give up sugar for a while (till easter, cos I love chocolate), which I'm hoping will make me feel a bit less "blah". But anyway...

The ciabatta bread I made over the weekend. Not quite as "holey" as commercial bread, but lovely dipped in olive oil or toasted and served with a lentil soup.

The choc caramel tart; my last sugar hit for a while! Next time I'll make my own pastry; those frozen sheets really don't taste as nice as home-made.

A special visitor in my garden last night.

A Japanese Maple tree in my backyard that has been dead for a good 4-5 years (hot weather and lack of rain are to blame). It was finally rotten enough for me to yank out this arvo. Hoping to tidy up this garden bed and maybe put in an apple tree.


The pumpkin plant which is taking over my backyard. It hasn't been too successful despite me doing a lot of pollinating, but there are a couple of pumpkins growing.

Our quince tree has its first quince this year; only one but it's looking good!

I'm loving how the quilting of Red Velvet looks on the back; its matches the fabric perfectly.

I found myself feeling a bit bored at 3pm on Sunday and decided to go wander around a few stores; I found this gorgeous bowl at Freedom for an extravagant $12! A matching vase was just $8.

Friday, February 12, 2010


After a hot and humid week (93% humidity yesterday!), Melbourne was hit with a huge thunderstorm late yesterday. Getting home from the city was an adventure as I waded through shin-deep, fast-flowing water, and in a long white skirt no less!

Unfortunately my dog Millie isn't so fond of loud noises, and this is what was left of the laundry door when I got home!

No stitching this week due to the heat, but I'm back in the kitchen today. First up is a zucchini slice, using home-grown zucchini, onion and some herbs (thyme and oregano).

Then a chocolate caramel tart for a family dinner I'm going to tomorrow (still in progress). And I'm hoping to do a bit more bread experimentation, and try out ciabatta bread. I'll make the starter today and bake the bread tomorrow. If it works out ok, some should head to dinner along with the tart.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday on my Mind

It's Friday, and I am...

Quilting Red Velvet

Baking bread

Admiring all the pretty flowers in the garden and enjoying the rain

Monday, February 1, 2010

February Flimsy

Pattern: Pint Sized (Mini Jelly Filled) from Thimble Blossoms.
Fabric: Sweet Honey Bun

Garden Update: A mini glut of onions as they are all pretty much ready at once. Fortunately it was only a small crop. This year I'll be planting brown onions again, but I'm also going to try Spanish onions, but I might do a few staggered plantings so I dont get too many at once!