Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's The Plan?

It's got to that time of year where I've mostly finished all the quilts on my "to-do" list; all those quilts I had fabrics and patterns stashed away for but hadn't quite got around to. Right now I'm hand stitching the binding on to Sassafras (photos soon), and wondering what project I'm going to start next... my trip to the US is less than 7 weeks away, so I'm not sure whether to start anything new or not...

So I've started plotting out what I'll be working on next year! And already the list is growing. Yesterday, my layer cakes of Simple Abundance and Rouenneries arrived; these are destined for "A La Mode" and "Red Velvet" respectively. I've got a Simple Abundance charm pack which I'm going to use to make the "Pint Sized" version of "Wild Thing" (check out the FQS kit for this, it's cute!). I'm thinking that my Sweet honey bun might be nice to make the "Mini Jelly Filled". I know I want to do something with Aster Manor, but I'm not sure what yet. And I'm thinking about a double hourglass block made with some of the fat 1/4s I bought at the quilt shows this year...

Meanwhile, Bella is up to her usual tricks...she loves a good game of peek-a-boo. When you peer out from behind something (door, chair...) her right ear twitches, and her pupils dilate (we call them her "naughty eyes"). At the moment she is enjoying peering out from behind some flowers on the coffee table...maybe she thinks I can't see her?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BOM4 and Some Shopping

While today is my day off, it's been pretty slow in terms of any sewing progress... All I've managed to do is assemble block 4 from the FQS Mystery BOM.

I also spent up big on a large order of Moda's Simple Abundance, which has finally been released. For the last few months I've been very well-behaved, and abstained from purchasing fabric for any new projects (thanks Bec), and instead motivated myself to work through the stash of "to-do" projects that I already had tucked away.

However, the new patterns and fabrics out have been just too tempting (have you seen A La Mode?), so I've caved. Three new projects should keep me entertained for a while! Plus, its only 7ish weeks till I go on holidays...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jelly Girl

Jelly Girl is finished, bound and blogable! Plus its dry enough outside to spread her out for a photo.

Next on the list, FQS Mystery BOM block 4.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Progress at Last!

I took some annual leave this week, giving me a 5 day break to do with what I wanted. It's poured with rain most of the time, so I've mostly stayed out of the garden and got in some decent sewing time.

Sassafras is all assembled, and appliqued. Just need to blanket stitch around all the shapes then it's ready for quilting.

I finally got around to quilting Jelly Girl (and got most of it done in one day). Just got the borders to go. I'm not too happy with the batting; it's much softer than the wool/poly blend which makes it hard to push around for free motion quilting. Lesson learnt!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring has well and truely sprung here in Melbourne; the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and everything is in full bloom. I've been home all week with a cold that is bording on the flu, so I haven't made much sewing progress, so I've got pretty garden pictures to make up for it.

The first broccoli head has finally appeared:

The broad beans are continuing their mass flowering; I hope the beans aren't too far away!

The apricot is covered in flowers, and the peach isn't far behind:
The daffodils are in bloom:

The zucchinis have sprouted, and the pumpkins are just peeking out of the ground. I planted eight of each in case they didn't all germinate, and now I've had to find "homes" for all the spares! Fortunately I've got a few vegie-growing friends. I should be able to transplant the zucchini into the garden this weekend.

The strawberries are showing the first signs of fruit:

And the bees are busy helping themselves to the flowers on the rosemary (in the centre of the photo):

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into my garden. I should be returning with a quilt-related post soon, as I've finished sewing the Sasafras blocks but they are waiting to be assembled.