Monday, August 1, 2016

Miss Daisy

After we lost Millie at the end of last year, at a very impressive 15 years of age, there's been a gaping whole in my life which has been waiting for the perfect puppy to fill it. After a few false starts and a few broken hearts, Miss Daisy came to live with us recently.
The puppy life is certainly tiring; the constant looking out for puddles and the midnight trips outside for pee time, but she is so worth it. Lola had been pretty lonely without Millie, and now she has this little rascal to keep her company.
At 11 weeks old, she has mastered "sit" and "go for a wee", and I'm working on "give me a kiss" which was one of my favourite Millie moves. Right now she has quite the taste for slippers and shoe laces, and likes to collect all of her toys in her bed or under the couch.