Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Owls and Bunnies

I finished quilting Summer Wind yesterday, which gave me the opportunity to play around a little more with some softies. Leaving the bunny aside for the time being, I tried my hand at a little Owl (or Wol as Pooh would call it).

Its just a simple outline, but I added a seam in the back to minimise how noticeable the stuffing hole would be. The face is also a little rustic, but it has a bit of character. I think next time I'll have a go appliqueing some wings on just to add a little more interest to it, as it seems to be missing "something". I also thought these would be great with a squeaker in them for little ones to play with, though I might have to rethink the eyes/beak a little.

I got the binding machined onto Summer Wind this morning, and since then have been playing around with the bunny (Wabbit?) again. I've imroved the proportions of the lower body, and cut one out ready to go.

I've never done any sort of stitchery, but found the Melly and Me tutorial really good, and have stitched what I think is a pretty good practice eye, so bunny should have a face soon.

Lastly, thank you for all the good messages Friday; it's nice to be able to share my good news with everyone.

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