Sunday, May 22, 2011

To Market

The Mulgrave Maker's Market was today, and we were lucky that the rain held off until the last hour....before then it was a little chilly, but the crowds were still out in force. This month I had my very own marquee, and it went up so easily. As usual, I fiddled around with my set-up a little (mostly due to forgetting one of my baskets), and it was simple and (hopefully) eye-catching. It definitely looked fab once the sun came up and out.

I facebooked a photo once I'd set up, and the cot quilt was quickly "snapped up" by a friend of mine all the way over in's now making its way over to her. I sold a couple of my newest bunnies and owls, a wheat bag, lots of fabric, and even a couple of throw cushions.

Overall I'd say it was a pretty successful day, and my best to date. The markets are moving indoors for winter which will be a bit of a change, but nice not to have to dash around in the rain.

(Pre-market dining room chaos)

Tomorrow morning I'm off on school camp (!!!) with a group of year 7 students, so there will be no posts for a few days. Hopefully I'll get some good photos to share. As a result, I'm closing Bella's for a few days, but any orders that come in will be dealt with when I get home on Thursday arvo.

Hope everyone has a fab week.


Marg said...

That sounds like you had a pretty good market day, well done.
I don't envy you, Year 7 camp!!!!!!! I hope there are not too many dramas and it's not too cold.

a good yarn said...

I just love these types of markets filled with hand made goods. It's fantastic that you are enjoying success with your stall. Ann :-)