Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Signs of Spring

It might only be the start of the last month of winter, but those little signs of spring are starting to appear around the garden...

My blueberry shrub

Cherry blossom buds



I'm quite pleased to see these little signs before I go away, as I love the start of Spring.


Marg said...

I was really surprised to see so many flowers and buds out in Melbourne when I was down there, and wow the weather wasn't too bad either, yay!

a good yarn said...

Hard to believe winter has returned. Poor plants are going to be confused! Such pretty blooms - ranunculas are gorgeous. My favourite - magnolias - are blooming all over the neighbourhood right now. Wish I had room for one. Ann :-)

Cathie said...

beautiful! I have spotted the blossoms around and can't wait to get some pics!
happy sunday to you Kate ♥