Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New York

Finally getting my act together and getting my New York photos uploaded....these are just a tiny selection.

Fifth Avenue; home of awesome shopping, including Tiffanys.

FAO Schwarz, awesome toy shop. Love the guy on the door too.

My favourite part of Central Park; Fountain of Bethesda.

Strawberry Fields, Central Park.

Times Square at night, just as busy as during the day.

One of the reflection pools at the 9/11 memorial.

Washington Square.

The best caramel sunday ever! From Serendipity (apparently made famous by the movie of the same name, but I haven't seen it). And yes, I ate the whole thing myself (minus the cream)...yummy butter pecan ice-cream. In the background is my friend's frozen hot chocolate.

The Empire State Building just after the sun has gone down, taken from the Top of the Rock observation deck. We went up before sunset and watched the city lights come on.

Pizza at Grimaldi's in Brooklyn; this is their "small" six-slice pizza. Hate to see what the large looks like!

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge back into Manhattan.

The Flatiron Building; one of my favourites along with the Chrysler Building.

I have heaps more photos, but there is no way I could possibly load them all up, especially as Blogger only lets me do 3 at a time... hope you enjoyed!


Sharrieboberry said...

LOVE the pics! Thank you for taking the time to upload and share!

What was your favorite?

a good yarn said...

Fantabulous! How cool to see all these iconic places. That caramel sundae looks devine! I love the Flatiron and Chrysler buildings too. ann :-)