Thursday, November 3, 2011


The bit I find hardest about quilting is choosing colour combinations, even within a line of fabric. Sometimes I think two fabrics will go together, I stitch them up, and it just doesn't work. It's hard to visualise how the fabrics will look in a particular block before you've seen it.

I'm trying to pick 18 Central Park fat quarters for Swoon, and I'm finding that I'm really drawn to the purples and blues, but not so much a fan of the greens.

This is the first combination I had, but thought it might be too much yellow.

I subbed out one of the yellows for a brown.

Thoughts? Is there too much or two little of any of the colours? Do the combinations work?

Update: my latest combination...I think this works a lot better.


Unknown said...

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Cascade Quilts said...

I think the second pic is better, but the middle stack and the one above it don't seem to have enough contrast to me compared to the contrast of the other stacks. Maybe the center one just needs a smaller scale print for one of them?

Kate R said...

I know what you mean - I really have hard times putting colours together. Never know what will work best until I try it!

I really like your last combination and am looking forward to seeing it made up in Swoon. It's such a great pattern - different colours/values can really change each block.

a good yarn said...

Combo 3 is a winner but then each person has a different eye for colour balance. It's important that you are happy with your choices.

Marg said...

I really like the last combination. I love playing around with colour but sometimes what is in your head that you think will work just isn't quite right in reality.

ButtonMad said...

These fabrics - colours and combinations are lovely - looking forward to seeing how it turns out!