Monday, June 25, 2012

Hopscotch Blocks

After spending Friday and Saturday cutting out all the fabric, I finally got to stitch my first Hopscotch blocks yesterday, starting with the red ones (my favourite colour).

I worked out that you can cut all the fabrics without the templates, using the 30 and 60 degree lines on a rectangular ruler. (If anyone needs help with this, let me know). But I did find that the triangles are a bit small (or the trapezoids a bit large) when it comes to piecing the block, even though they are the correct size relative to the drawn templates. Nothing a bit of seam fudging can't fix.

Those points are a little tricky too, but you get the hang of it pretty quickly. And I love the reds in this range!

I took a little time out from the sewing to go looking for a new floor rug for my bedroom (my current rug got eaten by the vacuum cleaner). But while I had no luck locating the perfect rug, I did manage to buy a new purse and top instead....I'm sure that the more you want something, the less likely you are to find it. The little purse is just my style though, and I'd been eyeing her off for a while, so it was a well-timed sale.


a good yarn said...

Gorgeous little purse! Your Hopscotch blocks look good but tricky. ann :-)

Lynda said...

Very cute purse Kate. Good luck with your Hopscotch blocks ... the ones you've made so far look wonderful.