Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Events

My weekend was just a touch more exciting than even I anticipated. I was super-windy in Melbourne last week, and on Wednesday my carport suddenly developed quite a lean. Then when we got the next lot of wind on Friday, the carport started swaying dangerously back and forth which caused quite a scare.

So we had the SES arrive, only for them to realise that the carport couldn't be pulled down due to the powerpoint and lighting, so it was tied down to keep the roof on, anchored to a tree to stop it swaying, and taped off.

So with all the trucks parked in the street we got quite a bit of attention. But the SES were lovely and did a great job, and we are very fortunate they were able to come out and help. Now we just need to get the carport pulled down safely, and hopefully get a new one put up in its place.

And now to top it off, we have plumbing problems. The many joys of owning an old house!

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Marg said...

Oh no that's not good at all. Good luck with the plumbing, I hope that it's only a minor repair.