Friday, October 5, 2012


Last week I had a very wonky carport...

This week I don't!

After four weeks insurance and the builders finally got themselves sorted and removed it yesterday. Just in time too, it took on a bit more of a lean during last weekends windy weather. The new ones goes in next week! Looks like we have a bit of pruning to do...

When we had a carport, the dogs were kept down the back of the yard, away from the fence so they couldn't bark. Now that it's gone, they get a little more lawn and sun time. Millie is really making the most of it.

I'll admit that this week hasn't been my finest, hence the lack of posts. I had a revolting day at work on Monday that left me wondering if it was worth it. I actually started looking for a new job. I had hoped my yoga class would calm me down but it really didn't have the desired effect. Then I capped it off by whinging at the man, which made me feel worse...

I'm excited that I made a little progress on Hopscotch; those lines take forever! I've done two rows of blocks, so just six to go.

I also finally picked up one of my birthday pressies; a little sapphire ring from Tiffany. So really the week wasn't all bad, but it certainly didn't get off to the best start.

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5Bent Needles said...

Hope your week and your mood pick up for you.
Love the ring as a special treat, and with all that straight stitching on your gorgeous Hopscotch Quilt - I hope it is helping to clear your mind off a crap work day